The Tough Summer Spar, 2016 Results

The Tough Summer Spar, 2016 was Toph’s first 10 day long contest. We hope you enjoyed participating in the contest and solving the problems.

Congratulations to bqi343, midnightbird, Bishal_G, sahedsohel and khatribiru for securing the top 5 ranks. Check out the contest standings and the twelve problems. You can find the editorial of this contest here.

Since this was our very first long contest, there were a few hiccups that we failed to anticipate. It was an interesting lesson for us when we realized that the entire team goes to bed at the same time - leaving clarifications unanswered for a long time :) But, if there is one thing we are good at it is learning from our mistakes.

Finally, we would like to thank the team of problem authors - flash_7, jackal_1586, Kryptonyte, Labib666, TarifEzaz - who made this contest possible.

ProgKriya May'16 Results

Thank you everyone for participating in the second ProgKriya contest on Toph. We have come to know that there were power outages during the contest due to storm in many places. We really appreciate that many of you have participated in the contest nonetheless.

Congratulations to Labib666, aaaaaa, midnightbird, Matrix.code and rumman13 for securing the top 5 ranks in ProgKriya May’16. And kudos to the amazing performance from everyone else as well. ProgKriya will reach out to the eligible participants shortly regarding their prizes.

There were 7 problems in the contest:

… and only 1 was unsolved. Some of the problems turned out to be deceptively difficult. 122 participants managed to solve Version Checker perfectly.

And thanks to the amazing team of problem authors - faiyaz26, forthright48, himuhasib, nfssdq, SakibulMowla, raihatneloy - and ProgKriya who made this contest possible.

Anyone who is familiar with sport programming is, very likely, already aware of the amazing community that has grown around it.

Toph is a sport programming platform aimed at those who find programming and solving interesting problems to be extremely gratifying. It is new, and so quirks and issues are bound to surface. However, we are working day and night to improve the platform, and your overall experience with it. If you have any feedback, drop us a line.

At this moment, Toph supports a handful of programming languages. We are actively working to increasing this number. At the same time, we will be tweaking the flags and various parameters of the existing programming languages to make sure that the compilers behave in as much of a sane manner as possible. During this time, we are open to suggestions for what programming language you would like Toph to support and how you think they should be configured.


Cybernauts'16 National Programming Contest (Replay) Starts at 2016-12-03 07:00:00 -0500 EST

The Tough Winter Spar 2016 Starts at 2017-01-20 07:00:00 -0500 EST