16th December Programming Contest 2019 Statistics

Dec '19
ProblemSolutionsAttemptsFirst Solved
A. LFR6103:28:23
B. The Lucky Dice21352:48:21
C. Interplanetary Mission4144:06:11
D. Alien Invasion33373:39:01
E. Gotta Print 'Em All27324:10:25
F. Clickbait9263:49:22
G. No Need for Speed588:52:54
H. National Flag851540:35:28
I. Jenia's Homework1952061:26:25
J. Answer the Queries43822:11:52
K. Maze Ball Game41481:11:51
L. Train Hijack44702:47:53
M. Sheldon's Obtuse Triangle10183:06:27
N. I Hate Combinatorics!42431:58:15
O. Is This a Give-Away?76960:44:19
P. ML Vs AI1592470:14:33
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