Ada Lovelace National Girls' Programming Contest 2020

    Ada Lovelace National Girls Programming Contest (NGPC) is an algorithmic programming contest for female students. Teams of three, representing their institution, work to solve the most real-world problems, fostering collaboration, creativity, innovation, and the ability to perform team work. NGPC aims to increase ambition, problem-solving aptitude, and opportunities of the strongest female students in the field of computing. The contest has raised aspirations and performance of generations of the world’s problem solvers in the computing sciences and engineering.

    Ada Lovelace Celebration 2020

    Ada Lovelace National Girls' Programming Contest 2020

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    Combined Standings


    The contest started on January 2, 2020 at 4:35 AM UTC and ran for 3 hours.


    This contest is formatted as per the official rules of ICPC Regional Programming Contests. See details...

    You can use C++11 GCC 7.4, C++14 GCC 8.3, C++17 GCC 9.2, C11 GCC 9.2, and 3 other programming languages in this contest.

    Be fair, be honest. Plagiarism will result in disqualification. Judges’ decisions will be final.

    This contest has ended.