Cefalo Intra AUST Programming Contest Fall 2022 Statistics

4M ago
ProblemSolutionsAttemptsFirst Solved
A. FavNum1203:58:36
B. Infinite Snowballs (Easy Version)00Unsolved
C. Infinite Snowballs (Hard Version)00Unsolved
D. Red Blue Green253:06:53
E. Beautiful Triplets3140:15:15
F. Kill the Monsters001d 9h
G. Bappi Football Pro League Fall 202249490:00:45
H. Make It a Diamond113:54:15
I. Not so Simple Permutation2112:10:18
K. Sad Dinosaur4320:26:35
L. Sajid the Programmer271:23:00
M. Barbie String07Unsolved
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