CGS Intra-School Programming Contest 2021 Statistics

Feb '21
ProblemSolutionsAttemptsFirst Solved
A. Captain Robert!5151:10:05
B. Super Singer Sanjida :)3132:24:58
C. Asifur the Mastermind02Unsolved
D. Mr. Umayer and His BESTAGONS!00Unsolved
E. Taylor Series of Function10130:14:42
F. Pranta's Space Mission00Unsolved
H. Genius Jennyyy!07Unsolved
I. Big Mamu112:38:47
J. CGS791:06:45
L. Deadpool VS Lord Voldemort440:54:49
M. Ifdita Loves UFO!06Unsolved
N. CGS and the Social Experiment331:40:52
Q. Impossible!06Unsolved
R. OMG!01Unsolved
S. Maharaj and His Time Machine00Unsolved
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