DIU Code Trap Programming Contest, Fall 2023 [ Main ] Statistics

2w ago
ProblemSolutionsAttemptsFirst Solved
A. Programming is the key!74770:00:21
B. You Are Programmer, You Have No Valentine!68760:01:01
C. Nodes and Depth28510:06:45
D. Gopal's Grand Gambit: Tracking Montri's Treachery17250:09:43
E. Mysterious Quadrilateral31400:16:59
F. Do you have Arithmophobia ?6150:41:06
G. Can You Help?1142:06:02
H. Anina's Christmas Tree00Unsolved
I. Escape Room : The Deadly Puzzle Game10231:21:25
J. Who Win the Game!!67710:05:04
K. The Cipher571:20:12
L. Anina’s Birthday Gift282:09:22
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