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Father Timm Memorial Programming Contest 4.0 - Practice Contest

By Notre Dame Information Technology Club at NDC, Dhaka

Notre Dame Information Technology Club is excited to announce the launch of the fourth installment of the Father Timm Memorial Programming Contest (FTMPC 4.0), marking a significant step forward in our pursuit of knowledge and innovation. This prestigious event, named in honor of the esteemed Father Richard William Timm, celebrates his remarkable legacy in academia, humanitarianism, and biodiversity exploration. We are proud to continue his enduring influence through this exciting programming competition.

FTMPC 4.0 is not merely a competition but a celebration of intellect and creativity, aimed at nurturing the next generation of tech-savvy minds. With a nod to the timeless wisdom of Steve Jobs, we believe that coding transcends the boundaries of programming languages; it instills in individuals a profound ability to think critically, problem-solve, and innovate.

Contest Timeline:

  • Last Date of Registration: 26th April.

  • Practice Contest (online): 28th April.

  • Preliminary Round (online): 29th April.

  • National Round (on-site): 4th May.

Registration Link: https://ftmpc.nditc.net/register

For any queries, please contact us through our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/nditc.official

Or mail us at nditc.official@gmail.com

Join us as we redefine the boundaries of competitive programming and honor the legacy of a true visionary, Father Richard William Timm. Are you ready to code your way to greatness?


The contest started on April 28, 2024 at 11:00 AM UTC and ran for 4 hours.


You can use Bash 5.2, Brainf*ck, C# Mono 6.0, C++17 GCC 13.2, and 25 other programming languages in this contest.

Be fair, be honest. Plagiarism will result in disqualification. Judges’ decisions will be final.

This contest has ended.


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Practice Contest

Practice contests allow you to re-run contests and experience them as close as possible to the original run.


Notre Dame Information Technology Club at NDC, Dhaka


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