AUST CSE Carnival 3.0 Programming Contest Statistics

1M ago
ProblemSolutionsAttemptsFirst Solved
A. Sign Based Evaluation System7151:13:03
B. Who Doesn't Love GCD?2251:02:58
C. How to Save Money 101143:10:02
D. Network Within Networks113:34:34
E. Prime, Not Prime...222:45:24
F. The Qubits 4549490:02:09
G. Nice Dice Problem00Unsolved
H. Central Safety Spot0210:53:57
I. X-Root Number7410:45:14
J. Magic Spell12241:12:08
K. Another Bitwise AND Problem00Unsolved
L. BiClock48480:14:27
M. Fall 202400Unsolved
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