Replay of MBSTU CSE Junior IDPC 2k22 Statistics

2M ago
ProblemSolutionsAttemptsFirst Solved
A. Is This Giveaway?241:31:54
B. Punishment22520:14:55
C. Ektar Beshi Noy, Shunno Hole Valo Hoy71780:05:10
D. Make It Large282:51:17
E. Easy Pythagorean Triplet06Unsolved
F. Time Is the Best Healer85850:02:07
G. Ones11191:42:21
H. Ghum Over Everything11290:45:09
I. USS-Elevator7101:31:15
J. Life Goes On!232:35:15
K. K for Knight32360:21:34
L. Alter00Unsolved
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