SCB-PA Inter School and College Programming Contest 2019 Practice 1 Statistics

Sep '19
ProblemSolutionsAttemptsFirst Solved
A. Biswa and Picnic1271750:01:23
B. Full Pyramid2262950:08:33
C. Is Anagram2662790:01:33
D. Test Cases1331760:16:01
E. Afifa's ITS18280:47:11
F. A New Tough Game36430:37:27
G. Byang's Assembly11251:26:47
H. Shadow Business111221:47:18
I. Ghosh vs Datta61017:49:12
J. Itachi's Challenge15414:42:55
K. Set, Intersection and Range51719:59:01
L. Pizza From SpongeBob6920:49:46
M. Remember the Name...31017d 16h
N. MaxFlow (II)00Unsolved
O. Childhood Game3511d 23h
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