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Arpa is very excited about the high-voltage match between England and Pakistan tomorrow. But she will miss the match because of her university classes. However, there will be a 5-minute break during her classes. So, she made a plan. During her class break, she will check the score and note down the overs and the runs (We assume that she will check the score when the England team is batting). She will calculate the run rate. The England team will have a chance to win the game if their run rate is six or higher.

Given the overs and the runs. Determine if the England team can win the match or not.


The input starts with two integers O (1O50)O\space (1 ≤ O ≤ 50) and
R (1R1000)R\space (1 ≤ R ≤1000) representing the overs and total runs respectively.


Print “Yes” (without quotes) if the England team can win the match, otherwise print “No” (without quotes).


49 299
7 35

Be careful about the new line (‘\n’) at the end.


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