Alayna and Vowels

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Alayna loves playing. Every night before going to sleep, she plays different games with Baba. Now Alayna seems bored with the old games she played many times. So she asked Baba to invent new games.

Baba has now made an exciting game with vowels of the English alphabet (Do not underestimate Alayna, she is a big girl now, and she knows about vowels!).

The game is that Baba gives a string that contains English letters and other characters. Alayna's work is to find the number of vowels from the given string.

As Maa is stringent regarding Baba and Alayna's sleep time, Alayna and Baba don't get much time for playing, and Alayna cannot finish counting when Baba gives her a large string.

So little Alayna needs your help. You have to make a vowel calculator for Alayna, which will give the number of vowels from a given string.


A single line contains a non-empty word. This word consists of lowercase and uppercase English letters and other characters (excluding space characters). The length of the word will not exceed 10310^3.


Output the number of vowels from the given string.




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