Alayna's Adventure Journey

Limits 1s, 512 MB

Alayna recently went on her first adventure journey to Dumbulla Safari Park. She enjoyed the bumpy roads and the wild animals, especially the elephants! And now she keeps Saying, "Hati!" .

Elephants tend to live in family groups and Alayna noticed many groups of elephants during her visit .

As her father Shakib was busy with his match practice, he could not join Alayna to her adventure visit. So when Shakib came to know about the elephant groups from Alayna, he wondered about the maximum possible size of such groups.

As there were a huge number of elephant groups, she could not remember the maximum group size. But she wrote down the number of elephants in each group in her notebook. As she is very busy with her playing, she asked you to help her find the maximum number of elephants among all groups.


The first line contains a single integer $n$ ($1 \le n \le 1000$) — the number of elephant groups.

The second line contains n space-separated integers—the number of elephants in each group. There will be at most $10^9$ elephants in each group.


Print a single number—the maximum number of elephants among all groups.