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Asgard: The Destroyed City

By aumit_se · Limits 1s, 512 MB

The city of "Asgard" has been destroyed a few days ago. It was very pathetic for the people of Asgard to lose their gold made city area. The comic fans of Earth are also sad to hear that but they are also excited to hear that the people of Asgard are coming to the Earth to live.

We all know a Bengali proved that “কারো পৌষ মাস কারো সর্বনাশ “. When the defense minister of Earth heard that Asgardians are coming to earth, he became very happy as they will now fight together with us to protect the Earth from the aliens.

When the people of Asgard reached Earth they got very cordial reception. After few days, the governor of the Earth arranged a football match because Thor is fond of football very much. The match is between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The governor, Thor and Loki are watching the match in VIP box. As you know that Loki is different type from Thor. He doesn’t like football and he feels bored. So Loki wants to make the game interesting for himself. He thinks that he will count the number of Passes made by Barcelona and Real Madrid.
But Loki is very lazy to do the simple math. So he needs your help to count the total passes.


Input will contain two numbers A and B (1<=A,B<=1000) - the number of passes made by Barcelona and Real Madrid.


Print one single integer - The Sum (A+B) of Passes made by two teams.





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Sum of two numbers.

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