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As DIU ACM is organizing the “Take-off Programming Contest 2023”, they need to select the Judging Director of the event. So, they want to select the Judging Director by voting out the worthy candidate. However, not everyone in the club can vote since there is an age limit.

But they don’t want to go with the traditional route. So, they want to build a program that will show the members of DIU ACM if they can vote or not, and with that, they will get a consolation note so that they won’t be upset.

What they want to show by the program:

  1. If age<21age < 21 years, then the output will be “Sorry, you are too young to vote.”

  2. If 21age<2321 \le age < 23 years, then the output will be “Wait a little more to vote.”

  3. If age23age \ge 23 years, then the output will be “Yes, you can vote.”

Can you help DIU CPC get out of this mess?


The input file contains an integer value nn (15n45)(15 \le n \le 45) — indicating the age of the student.


You have to output a single line contains the expected output for the specific age range.


Wait a little more to vote.
Yes, you can vote.
Sorry, you are too young to vote.

Be careful about the newline(‘\n’) at the end.


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