Battle of Brains

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Limits 1s, 512 MB

Do you remember Alice and Bob? They are fighting for glory in a battle game they’ve just bought. There are soldiers and horses for each player. Alice currently has SAS_A soldiers and HAH_A horses, while Bob currently has SBS_B soldiers and HBH_B horses. But having a lot of horses doesn’t help much, as one soldier can only ride one horse. Each player will send their soldiers with horses to the ultimate battle. It is not allowed to send a soldier without a horse. The player with more soldiers present at the battleground will win. If the number of soldiers are equal on both sides, it results in a tie.


The first line will contain two integers SA,HAS_A, H_A in this order, the number of soldiers and horses that Alice has.

The second line will contain two integers SB,HBS_B, H_B in this order, the number of soldiers and horses that Bob has.


On a single line, print Alice\text{Alice} if Alice will win the battle, print Bob\text{Bob} if Bob will win the battle. If it’s a tie, print Tie\text{Tie} instead.


10 12
15 9
17 17
23 18
6 9
9 6


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