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Better Passwords

Limits 1s, 512 MB

Byang is creating an account on Toph. He needs your help to create a strong password.

Byang will give you a word, and you will need to make the following changes to the word to make it a stronger password:

  • Make the first character an uppercase
  • Replace all s with $
  • Replace all i with !
  • Replace all o with ()
  • Append a . (period) at the end of the password


The input will contain a string A (Length of A < 16). A will contain lowercase alphabets only.


Print the better password after applying all of the necessary changes to the original word A.


Input Output



92% Solution Ratio

rezaulhsagarEarliest, Jan '19

rezaulhsagarFastest, 0.0s

ReduancsLightest, 0 B

saitotaShortest, 39B


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