Byang's Day Out!

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Byang and his little brother Kuno loves Cricket. But they never went to the stadium to watch a match live, happening in front of them! So now is their time to watch a game from the Eastern Stand of Mirpur Sher-E-Bangla Stadium. They have spent 18 hours in the queue (yes, 18 hours) to manage two tickets. But there’s a little problem, and we jump right in to help them.

You see, stadiums in Bangladesh has little walls in front of the stands. And both Byang and Kuno are well, vertically challenged. As a result, they will not be able to ride on the seats they have bought for themselves. Not only that, just standing at the bottom row may not do them any favor either. Yes, they are at that short! But Byang has an idea! If Byang stands tall and takes his brother on his shoulder, then Kuno might be able to see the game. Kuno is pretty good at live commentary, and he will give instant updates of the game to his brother.

Now, Byang is wondering whether the wall is too high for them. If the wall's height is larger than the sum of Byang’s and Kuno’s height, they will not be able to see the match. But even if their total height is equal to the height of the wall, Byang will stand on his toes and will make sure his brother has a clear vision. So Byang learned the height of the Sher-E-Bangla stadiums’ wall and measured the heights of both of himself and his brother. Byang texted you three integers a, b and c, which are the heights of himself, his brother and the wall. But he missed one important thing. He did not mention which integers indicate their heights and which is the height of the wall.

Now given three numbers a, b and c, you will have to determine, whether Byang and his little brother Kuno can watch the game. Since you are not sure about the heights, you will only say Yes\texttt{Yes} to Byang if you are absolutely certain that regardless of which height belongs to whom, they can still watch the game.


The first line indicates in integer TT (1T1061 \le T \le 10^6), the number of test cases. Each of the following TT lines will contain three integers aa, bb and cc. All three of these integers are positive and the highest value of them could be at most 100.


For each test case, print a line saying Yes\texttt{Yes}, if you are sure that Byang's brother can watch the game. Print No\texttt{No}, if you are not that sure.


3 4 5
1 1 3

It's kind of embarrassing but since Byang is new with smartphones, he can't write any characters in his message other than numbers. ☹️


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