Cat Everywhere

Limits 1s, 512 MB

Cats everywhere! I came back home after being far away for a long time.

Two of my sisters are very fond of cats. So many cats stay at our home. My sisters give them a different name (Kitty, Puffy, Neffy, Toffy, Kiffy, Soffy, Kulffy, Wolffy, Borffy). Here Kitty is the oldest cat, then Puffy and so on. Borffy is the youngest cat. Every time my sisters tell me about their name and age, I instantly forget them.

It's too confusing to me. So I came up with a plan that I will name them by number (1,2,3...)(1,2,3...). But seeing those cats' names I find out one thing. My sisters love "ffy" at the end of a cat's name. So I will name them like this (1ffy, 2ffy, 3ffy, 4ffy, ...) oldest to youngest.

Now if anyone asks me, "Who is the 3rd oldest cat?". I can instantly say "3ffy". Did you get my idea?

In this problem, I will give you the name of nthn^{th} oldest cat. You have to say me the name of (n+1)th(n+1)^{th} oldest cat (so that I can be sure that you understood my idea of cat's naming)


You will be given the name(of the nthn^{th} oldest cat), s (4length of s214\leq \text{length of s} \leq 21) in a single line.


You have to print the name of (n+1)th(n+1)^{th} cat.



5ffy is the name of the $5^{th}$ cat. So name of the $6^{th}$ cat will be 6ffy