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Cook a Dish

By AnikaTahsin · Limits 1s, 512 MB

Have you ever cooked something? No? Not a problem! Whenever you try to cook something, you need some ingredients, obviously with some water, oil and heat. May be finally you will manage to cook the dish you wanted. But I am not sure if you will dare to taste it! πŸ˜‰

Here, you are given some ingredients, you need to tell me how many different recipes are possible from the ingredients? Ingredients will be given as a string S consisting of digits (0-9) where each digit is an ingredient. A recipe is a mixture of some unique ingredients. So, you need to pick up exactly D ingredients from the ingredients in string S to make a recipe. Also, there is a restriction that you can’t use β€˜0’ as the first ingredient of a recipe. And keep in mind β€˜240’ and β€˜420’ are different recipes.

Now, can you tell me how many recipes you can make using D ingredients from the ingredients given in string S?


The first line will contain T (1 ≀ T ≀ 100), denotes the number of test cases. Next T lines will contain a string S (1 ≀ |S| ≀ 10), which holds the ingredients and no ingredient will come more than once, and D (1 ≀ D ≀ |S|) .


Print the number of possible recipes.


1235 3
490 2



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