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Cookie Monster and Healthy Diet

Limits 1s, 512 MB

Today, Cookie Monster is taking time from his busy schedule to answer fan mail. The first letter asks Cookie Monster about his diet.

Despite his name, he makes room in his day for other healthy foods (but with plenty of cookies for dessert).

As he has become an icon to many, he decided to make his fans aware of eating healthy diet and also made a plan to tell about how many items he eat a day so that people can be aware about the necessity of eating healthy diet and not to eat only the most favorite food.

So he opened his diary where he writes the food name he eats everyday and started counting. He found that, sometimes he ate one food item twice or many more time a day. But he need to find the number of unique food item he ate on each day. Although he counted for some time, but it’s cookie time! and Cookie Monster is craving for cookies. so he cannot concentrate on counting food items. You know, how the situation is write now for Cookie Monster. Can you please help him to count the food item on each day?


The first and only line contain a space separated string S which contain the names of the food he ate in a particular day. The size of the string will not be greater than 1000.


Print the number of food item he had eaten on that day.


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