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Counting Is Difficult

By rezwan4438 · Limits 1s, 512 MB

East West University Computer Programming Club is organizing a programming contest today. One of your friends is working as a volunteer in this contest. He arrived in the university and entered into a big hall room where all the contestants were getting ready. He could not find any other volunteer in that room. All of a sudden, the moderator of the club came and asked him to count the number of contestants and volunteers present at this hall room and to write the number in the white board. And then he left. Your friend was helpless since he was not good at counting. So standing at the middle of the room he called you and said the followings.

“Hey Dosto. I am in a big trouble, please help me! I found that 20 teams, 3 members in a team and 51 individuals registered into the contest. However, 2 teams and 5 individuals are yet to come. Please tell me the total number of contestants. The rest I can do.”

What is the number your friend must write in the white board considering no other persons entered into the hall room while you two were chatting over the phone?


There is no input in this problem.


Print the number your friend must write in the white board followed by an empty line.

No sample input and output is available for this problem. However, a solution in C is given which prints incorrect output.

int main(){
   return 0;



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