Counting is Difficult 2

Limits 1s, 512 MB

East West University Computer Programming Club (EWUCoPC) is arranging an Intra-University Programming Contest today as a part of CSE FEST 2016 in conjunction with the 20 years celebration of East West University and Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

All the participants and a volunteer have gathered in a room and they are waiting for the start of the contest. All of a sudden, the moderator of the club, who is used to be always in angry mode, enters into the room and asks the only volunteer to write the total number of persons in the room except himself (the moderator) at the whiteboard. Then he asks a simple question to the volunteer, "How many teams of three members can be formed out of all participants?"

Save the volunteer!


Input consists of multiple lines. At each line, an integer n (1<=n<=250000) will be given representing the total number of persons in the room except the moderator.


You have to print the total number of teams of three members that can be formed out of all participants for every test case in a single line as shown in the sample output.


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