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Uzumaki D. Ichigo and Taimuna Ahmed Oindrila are classmates. Ichigo has harbored feelings for Oindrila for quite a while. Ichigo's passion is cricket, while Oindrila is a dedicated anime fan. Now, Ichigo believes it's the perfect moment to invite Oindrila to a movie and propose, especially since her favorite anime is at its peak.

Suddenly, he remembered that the world cricket final was scheduled for the same day he had planned to propose to Oindrila. Being a devoted cricket fan who couldn't bear to miss the final, he decided to first watch the match and then join Oindrila for the movie.

Now, the question is whether he will manage to make it to the movie on time. Remember, Ichigo never leaves a match before it's over.

Given the number of overs in the match MM, the time it takes to complete one over AA, the break duration between two overs HH, the time it takes to travel from the stadium to the movie theater II, and the remaining time before the movie begins RR, can you determine if he will make it on time?


The input will contain a single line having five integers M,A,H,I,RM,A,H,I,R separated by space representing the number of overs, duration of each over, duration of the break between two overs, the time needed to reach movie theater form the stadium and remaining time before the movie begins.

0M,H,I,R1050\leq M,H,I,R \leq 10^5

1A1051\leq A \leq 10^5


output “Congratulations Ichigo“ otherwise “Ichigo will Die single“ without quotation see sample for clarification


3 2 4 10 1000
Congratulations Ichigo
3 2 4 10 10
Ichigo will Die single


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