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It is well known on the Internet that you shouldn’t type in all caps. YOU SHOULDN’T.

On the Internet, that is akin to shouting. YOU SHOULDN’T SHOUT.

For some people, shouting is second nature. THEY JUST SHOUT FOR NO REASON.

Today, you will write a program that will take a string and remove all space-separated words in the string that are in all uppercase. ALL UPPERCASE LIKE THIS.

Please help.


The input will contain a single line of words. Each word will be separated by a single space. Apart from spaces, the string will only contain lower and uppercase alphabets. There will be at most 100 characters in the string.


Print the string with all the words removed which has all the characters in uppercase.

It is guaranteed that there will be at least one word in the output.


Please do not SHOUT here
Please do not here


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