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When Shakib was little, his mother used to help him with his studies. Usually, around 7 PM in the evening, Shakib would jump to his bed, keeping the small exercise books and a green pen in his hands. His mother would stay around and would help him when it is necessary. In one such says, Shakib came to know about adding numbers. First, he learned to add 1 to any single digit numbers. So, 1 and 5 becomes 6, seven and one becomes 8 and so on. Then he learned how to add two one digit numbers. Soon his exercise books became filled with addition of two one digit numbers. Problems like what is 5 plus 7 became bread and butter for Shakib. Shakib continued his journey of acquiring knowledge for a long time and now he has come to mental state where he can learn things himself. Shakib now know programming and solves many difficulty problems.

One day he came across the following problem:

"Given two integers, find their sum."

You are Shakib's contest mate. Seeing the above problem, Shakib spent no time and passed the problem to you. You thought to yourself, this is very easy! So you jumped into coding and quickly coded the problem. But to your surprise, you received the verdict of "Wrong Answer". Being ashamed of your lack of skills, you gave the problem back to Shakib. But alas, he is busy with another problem and you now have to solve it yourself.


The first line contains two integers AA and BB (0A,B1010000000 ≤ A, B ≤ 10^{1000000})


Print a line, the result of the sum of AA and BB.


23 52


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