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Elementary Arithmetic - 2

By TarifEzaz · Limits 1s, 512 MB

Long ago, after learning how to add two numbers, Shakib came to know about multiplication. Multiplication is the process of repeated addition. When you want to add the number 5 for 3 times, the result will be 5 + 5 + 5 = 15. Using multiplication, we can calculate the same result easily, 5 * 3 becomes 15.

Multiplication as you can see, looks elementary for the adults. But back then, it was really tough for Shakib to multiply two numbers correctly. Shakib did not have the luxury of verifying his calculations from the internet. But kids these days have that option. So you have decided to write a software that will calculate multiplication of two integer numbers.

You will be given two integers a and b, you will have to calculate the result of a multiplied by b.


The input contains two integers a and b.

For 10 points, a and b are less than 100.

For 20 points, a and b are less than 10000

For 20 points, a and b are less 109.

For 50 points, a and b are at most 1000 digits long.


Output the result of a multiplied by b.


2 1
2 2
3 2



79% Solution Ratio

quantumDotEarliest, Feb '20

Onik123Fastest, 0.0s

Onik123Lightest, 131 kB

MAHIR2185Shortest, 34B


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