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Amateur 7th CPU CSE Programming C...
Limits 1s, 512 MB

Subhashis and Bipro participated in many onsite programming contests during their varsity life. From those contests they got a lot of T-Shirts as goodies. After ages they are planning of donating those shirts into poor kids. Through statistics they have collected the number of kids that live below the poverty line. They want to know if they can equally distribute their T-Shirts(not necessarily all) among those poor kids.

But both Subhashis and Bipro are leading a very busy job life, they don’t have time for this. As a talented programmer of CPU they have asked for your help. Will you be able to help them?


You will be given three positive integers K, S and B, the number of kids Subhashis and Bipro collected from the statistics and the number of T-Shirts Subhashis and Bipro got in their entire contest career respectively.



If it is possible to distribute their T-Shirts among those K kids according to the description output YES otherwise output NO in a single line.


2 6 4
3 8 7


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