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Fitness Freak

Limits 1s, 512 MB

Mr. Hoy Rodgeson is the coach of Pinkland Soccer Team (People whisper him being crazy). According to his coaching philosophy, fitness is the most valuable attribute of a soccer player. That’s why player with better fitness has higher probability to play in the first team. Mr. Hoy calculates the fitness of a player using his physical attributes. That fitness value is the probability to play. Since the calculation of the probability is too easy, the crazy coach does not bother to disclose the formula!


The input consists of a series of player attributes. Player name will be followed by their height and weight.


For each player of input the output will be their name followed by their probability to play.


Rony 7 95
Rehim 6 170
Joe 4 135
Rony 74%
Rehim 35%
Joe 30%



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