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Flash in Trouble!

By aumit_se · Limits 1s, 512 MB

There is no doubt that Flash is the “Fastest Man Alive”. But now flash is facing a problem for the overweight of his suit. This suit was designed by one of the fans of Flash. Flash love this suit very much. Flash believes overweight of this suit just decreasing his speed. He also believes he lost a race against Thawne just because of this problem.

So flash called the designer of this suit and request him to fix it for him. After a complex calculation, the designer told him that, it is not possible to decrease more than N grams weight of suit and if the weight of his suit decrease by N grams then his speed will increase by N times.

Flash asked the designer to decrease the weight of suit by N grams.

If M is his current speed and the decreased weight from his suit is N grams then his new speed will be N * M.

Flash is depressed. So he is not in the mood to calculate the new speed of him. So help him by writing a program that will help him to calculate his new speed.

Now you may think why you should help him. Who knows just think – Your exam is about to start in 10 minutes and you are stuck in a horrible traffic jam 10 miles away from DIU, sitting in your car praying for a miracle. And just at that moment a red-suited superhero come out of nowhere and take you to the destination in no time and then telling you “Thanks for your program it helped me a lot”. Isn’t it incredible?

Now you are thinking that this problem is very hard but you are wrong. It’s the 2nd easiest problem. You will be given two number N and M. You have to calculate the result of (N*M). It’s a simple multiplication operation.


Input will contain two numbers N and M (1<=N,M<=1000).


Print only one integer. The result of (N*M).





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Multiply two numbers. N*M

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