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Full Pyramid

Limits 1s, 512 MB

Given an integer NN, print a full pyramid of asterisks.

A full pyramid of asterisks of size NN has NN lines of asterisks. The first line has 1 asterisk, the second line has 2 asterisks, the third line has 3 asterisks and so on. Each asterisk has a space between them. The asterisks in each line are centered to make it look like a pyramid.

Here is a full pyramid of asterisks of size 4:

  * *
 * * *
* * * *


The input will contain an integer NN (0<N<1000 < N < 100).


Print the full pyramid of asterisks of the given size.

Do not print any space after the last asterisk in each line.


 * *
* * *


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