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The Cricket World Cup 20232023 happened and grabbed everyone's attention with awesome games and amazing sports performances. Next to the stadiums, there was a super fancy building holding not only the tournament buzz but also a really interesting game.
Deep within this pavilion, a vault safeguarded the championship trophy. But getting this prized award didn't just need sports skills; it also required figuring out a digital code - a short three-letter password, to be precise.

Meet Sam, a tech-savvy enthusiast entrusted with the responsibility of guarding the trophy's vault. His task involved overseeing a sophisticated security system that demanded a specific code to grant access. The rules were clear-cut: the first character had to be AA, the second character could be either AA oror BB and the third character had to be A,B,orA, B, or CC.

During the tournament, news quickly spread among the teams about this special thing protecting the trophy. People whispered and guessed about the secret code, making the stadium buzz with even more excitement and curiosity.

In the middle of all the excitement, some surprising things happened. A bunch of hackers tried to break the code, thinking it was a big challenge. Sam is getting three characters at a time from the hackers, and now he needs to see if those characters can unlock the code or not.


The first line will contain a string SS consists of three uppercase latin latters.


You have to output YesYes if the hackers can crack the code else print NoNo.




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