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This year RUET is organizing Inter Wizarding School Quidditch tournament. The final match is going to be held between Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Durmstrang Institute.

Famous Harry Potter (The boy who lived) is the captain of Hogwarts team. But he is facing some problem while drinking tea of Shanto Vai er Tong at Talaimari mor. Students of RUET are always yelling at him saying “Harryyyyy! Khelbe Hogwarts, Jitbe Hogwarts!”

Harry is very much disturbed for this so now he drinks tea at Anik er chipa because that place is less crowded. So while drinking tea there an observation crossed his mind that there is a little difference while students of RUET calling him Harryyyy! A student uses exactly the number of ‘y’ that is exactly equal to his series. For example a 14 series student will call him Harryyyyyyyyyyyyyy and a 18 series student will call him Harryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

In this problem your task is simple. Given the series of a student, you just have to tell how he will yell “Harryyyyy! Khelbe Hogwarts, Jitbe Hogwarts!” (Without the quotation marks).


The first line contains an integer T (T ≤ 10), the number total test case.
Each of the next T lines contains a single integers n, series of the student. (1 ≤ n ≤ 100)


For each case, print the case number and the expected line. See the samples for exact formatting.


Case 1: Harryyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Khelbe Hogwarts, Jitbe Hogwarts!
Case 2: Harryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Khelbe Hogwarts, Jitbe Hogwarts!



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