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Limits 2s, 512 MB

Dr. Wu is going to organize a competition. He has decided to judge the participants using an automated system. He himself has programmed the system.

It is an individual competition. Each participant will be given a number NN. After that, the participant will have to tell NN unique numbers and the system is supposed to save these numbers sequentially. If a contestant responds with NN unique numbers, the contestant will win. If a participant mistakenly mentions a number more than once, the participant will lose. The system was supposed to be programmed in such a way that, from the inputs of each contestant, it will calculate if a participant wins or loses.

But there is a problem with the automated system. It is supposed to save an array of NN numbers described by each participant. But instead, it is saving another set of NN numbers. For any index ii, instead of saving the ithi-th number inserted by a participant, it is actually saving the sum of the numbers from the first to the ithi-th position mentioned by the participant. The contest is not very far away. It is impossible to reset the system. Thus, Dr. Wu has decided that he will determine the results of the participants using the existing system. Help him to determine the results of each of the participants.


The first line of the input will contain an integer TT (1T1001≤T≤100) that denotes the number of test cases.

Then for each test case, there will be one line with a positive integer NN ( 1N1000001≤N≤100000) that denotes the number that will be given to a participant. Then on the next line there will be NN integers, each integer AiA_i ( 1018Ai1018-10^{18} \leq A_i \leq 10^{18}) denotes the sum from index 11 to index ii of the original array created by Wu’s system from the participants’ response.

The size of the input file will not exceed 20 MB.


For each test case, if the participant mentions NN unique numbers, print WonWon, and if the participant fails to mention NN unique numbers, then print LostLost.


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