Koch Snowflakes

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The Koch snowflake can be constructed by starting with an equilateral triangle, then recursively altering each line segment as follows:

  1. divide the line segment into three segments of equal length.
  2. draw an equilateral triangle that has the middle segment from step 1 as its base and points outward.
  3. remove the line segment that is the base of the triangle from step 2.

Below is a figure of Koch snowflake of order 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Given the order NN, of the Koch Snowflake, you need to find the number of peak vertices and edges of the koch snowflake.


First line will contain TT (T10000T \le 10000), the number of test cases. Each of the TT lines will contain one integer NN (0<N10180 < N \le 10^{18}).


For each case, print the number of vertices and edges for Koch Snowflake of order NN modulo 1,000,000,0071,000,000,007.


Case 1: 3 3
Case 2: 6 12


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