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Let’s Build Nepal

Limits 2s, 1.0 GB

In our country, there are many political leaders belonging to different political parties. They always convince us that they will build Nepal as a developed country.
Since,development process is taking too much time, let us build our Nepal in a programmatic way. You have to make a little bit contribution for it.

Your contribution task is simple:
You are given a string S. In each step, you have to select any one of the index from current string and write down the character at that index into whiteboard then erase that index from the string. Can you write the word "nepal" in the white-board at any time?


Input begins with T(1<=T<=10) denoting total number of testcases. Each testcase contains a single string S having length at most 30 and consisting of lowercase letters only.


For each case, print "Maile Nepal banauna sakchhu!!" If "nepal" can be written in white-board otherwise print "Hami sabai milera Nepal Banau hai!!" without any quote.


Maile Nepal banauna sakchhu!!
Hami sabai milera Nepal Banau hai!!



96% Solution Ratio

touhidurrrEarliest, Oct '19

prodip_bsmrstuFastest, 0.0s

prodip_bsmrstuLightest, 0 B

bokaifShortest, 138B


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