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“X”, a university student is very fond of Microsoft and its products. One day he thought of finding people who are also fond of Microsoft. But he wanted to do it secretly. So he came up with an idea.

This is his method: if the word "microsoft" can be made with the distinct characters of one's user name then he or she is also fond of Microsoft and vise-versa. You are given the string that denotes the user name, please help our hero to determine whether the user is fond of Microsoft or not.


The first line contains a non-empty string (S), that contains only lowercase English letters — the user name. This string contains at most 100 letters (0 < S <= 100).


If it is possible to make the word “microsoft”, print “We both love Microsoft!” (without the quotes), otherwise, print “Only I love Microsoft!” (without the quotes).


Only I love Microsoft!
We both love Microsoft!


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