Tough Dash, September 201...
Limits 1s, 512 MB

The game of mines is a tricky one. You start with a grid and you click your way through the cells to find out what's under them. If you click on a cell with a mine under it, it's game over! If you click on a cell without a mine under it, you get to continue. Every time you uncover an empty cell, the cell may show a number indicating the number of mines that are around it in the 8 adjacent cells.

In this problem, you will be given a grid with the locations of all of the mines. You will then have to print the same grid with the appropriate numbers in the empty cells.

If a cell does not have any mine in its adjacent cells, you will leave the cell unchanged.


The input will start with two integers, RR and CC (0<R,C100 < R, C ≤ 10). The following RR lines will each contain CC characters representing the contents of the corresponding cells.

An asterisk (*) is used to indicate a mine and a dot (.) is used indicate an empty cell.


Print the same grid, but with the appropriate numbers in the cells that has mines adjacent to them.


3 9


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