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Mr. Scorer

By avivilla · Limits 1s, 512 MB

It’s time for ICPC (International Council for Professional Cricketers) World Finals 2020. The KITKOT team led by Legendary KTB will face the BeTube team led by FrozenBlood. The match is about to begin and there arises a small problem. The scorer ovis96 has just got a tinder swipe, so he has to leave the venue. There is no scorer left and you are the only hope for the organizer. So you will be given the ball by ball direction of the game and you will have to continue the scoreboard.


The first line of the input will contain the number of Balls, N ( $1\leqslant$ $N \leqslant 10^5$)
Then there will be N line, the ball by ball instruction of the match in each line.
Instructions will be in the following format: score balltype
The score will be one of the numbers from 0 to 6.
balltype will be WD(Wide Ball), N( NO Ball), W(Legal Ball with Wicket), L(Legal Ball but no wicket).

Note that,
* One over will be completed as soon as 6 legal balls are bowled.
* Wide and No are Illegal balls.
* One extra run will be added for each Illegal ball.


For each ball print the score in the format | RUN | WICKET | OVER |. (see sample for exact format, no spaces between)


1 L
2 L
0 W
0 W
6 L
2 L



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