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React anything on this post. I will give you three names. And you have to comment about them without mentioning their names.

We all played this trendy game on Facebook once upon a time. Now, we will play this game again.

Participate in this contest. I will give you some names. And you have to print something about them without mentioning the name.

As you have already participated, I will give you some names and you have to print a line of strings about them without revealing their names. In other words, you can print anything about them but you can not mention the name, not even as a substring.


The first line of the input is an integer, tt (1t1000)\ (1\le t\le 1000)- denoting the number of names that I will give you.

Next tt lines will contain a non-empty string denoting a name. The name will consist of Latin letters and will have at most 100100 characters.


For each testcase, print a line containing something about the name within 1000010000 characters without mentioning the name, not even as a substring. To avoid inconsistency, you are allowed to print only Latin letters and whitespace.

Note that, names are case-insensitive and you should not print only whitespace(s) or blank string cause printing nothing is a violation of the game's rules.


sweet Girl
he is nerd
she is nerd
Osthir Balok

For the 44th test case, you can not print sakib osthir balok or saKibbai shera because these statements reveal the name sakib. But you can print boss player as it does not reveal the name.


A string tt will be called a substring of ss if tt can be obtained by removing some (possibly zero or all) characters from ss from the beginning or from the end or both. For example, the list substrings of the string "apple" would be "apple", "appl", "pple", "app", "ple", "le", "a", "p", "l", "e", ""(empty string) . But “apl”, “pe”, “ep” are not substrings of “apple”.


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