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Months have passed. Little Anita has grown up a bit! Instead of playing with simplistic sequences, she grew her interest in real life problems. Recently she encountered a motivating one. It is called LP (Linear Programming):

Maximize or Minimize the cost function:
Ax + By + C

Absolute value of x and y must be less than or equal to R. Also, the following three conditions must hold:
**A1**x + **B1**y operator C1
**A2**x + **B2**y operator C2
**A3**x + **B3**y operator C3

operator might be any of the following: <=, >=, =

An interesting problem indeed. But today Anita is a bit overwhelmed with other thoughts! So you have to solve it on your own; she is rooting for you!


The first line consists of a single positive integer T, the number of test cases.
The first line of each test case will contain four space separated integers, A, B, C and D. D = 0 will indicate minimization, and D = 1 will indicate maximization of the cost function.
The second line will contain one integer, R.
Next, there will be exactly three lines each on the format:
**Ai**x + **Bi**y operator Ci


  • T<=200
  • 0 < R <= 10^4
  • All other integers will have absolute value less than or equal to 10^3.


Output the maximum or minimum value as asked, rounded to three decimal places. If no solution exists print "No Solution" without quotes.


100 -50 15 1 
50 12 <= 100
-10 3 <= 5
7 7 >= 2


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