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Showmik is very popular nowadays. Junior coders always seek help from him. He also wants them to improve their skills. So for them he has given a problem which is not too easy and again not too hard. He is generating a tree which has the following properties:

  1. Each node takes 1 second to be created.
  2. Each node will have mm child nodes. mm will be equal to (current level + 1).
  3. Each node will be marked with a number starting from left. Number starts with 1.

He will give a random number NN. They have to find the level number and mark number of the node being created at NN-th second.


First line of input contains a single number TT (T10000T \le 10000). TT test cases follows. Each case has a single number NN (1N10161 \le N \le 10^{16}) which indicates the NN-th second.


For each test case, print answer as the format “Case x: y z” without quotation. Here, xx indicates the case number and yy, zz indicate the desired results.


Case 1: 3 2
Case 2: 4 12
Case 3: 5 30
Case 4: 18 948498053512337

Tree is basically a graph which is connected and there is no cycle. There is only one root node and each node may have zero or more child nodes.


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