Obligatory IDPC Problem

Limits 1s, 512 MB

There are n people busy with arranging the upcoming Inter Department Programming Contest (IDPC) 2016.They call for the final meeting to finalize the contest rules. They select a room that is large enough to accommodate n people. Every person is wearing shoes of distinct color (each person has shoes of the same color on both feet but is different from another person). Before starting the meeting everyone took off their shoes outside the room. But suddenly load shedding occurs so that all of them end the meeting and begin leaving the room. In the dark, they are have trouble recognizing their shoes as all of them are of the same size. So every person picked two shoes at random and wore them without identifying which one is for the left feet and which one is for right. Now all of them are standing sequentially from 1 to n.

They create a color pattern of shoes as they stand next to each other. Since load shedding is a common
issue, tell me what is the total number of possible patterns that can be created?


First line of input contains test case T (1 <= T <= 10). Each of the next T lines contains the value of n (1 <= n <= 10).


For each test case print the total number of possible patterns.



For the second test case, suppose first person was wearing two black shoes and second person was wearing two white shoes before
the meeting started. After load shedding, the possible ways of their color patterns are given:

P1 Left    P1 Right    P2 Left    P2 Right
Black      Black       White      White
Black      White       Black      White
Black      White       White      Black
White      Black       Black      White
White      Black       White      Black
White      White       Black      Black

This problem was authored for Inter Department Programming Contest 2016 at Jahangirnagar University and is being hosted on Toph per author's request.