Limits 1s, 512 MB

OC Rahman is in pursuit of two gangsters of the same gang that has been terrorizing the Mahanagar. He has to catch them as soon as possible. The gangsters are in hiding and they do not move. But OC Rahman has got the intel on their positions. Now he intends to catch both of the gangsters.

While pursuing them, he remembers two things,

  1. If he can catch a gangster, the second gangster will surrender as they are from the same gang.

  2. Catching the nearest gangster will take less time.

You are given OC Rahman's and the two gangsters' co-ordinates. You have to tell which gangster he needs to catch first. He will always go after the nearest one. But if both gangsters have the same distance from him, OC Rahman always go after the first.

OC Rahman has been provided the equation to calculate the distance between two points. Which is,


But he must not waste any time. So you need to help him calculate and tell which gangster he will pursue first.


The input will contain only three lines.

The first line will contain two integers (Hx,Hy)(H_x,H_y) — denoting the coordinate of OC Harun.

The second line will contain two integers (Ax,Ay)(A_x,A_y) — denoting the coordinate of the first gangster.

The third line will contain two integers (Bx,By)(B_x,B_y) — denoting the coordinate of second gangster.

103Hx,Hy,Ax,Ay,Bx,By103-10^3 \le H_x,H_y,A_x,A_y,B_x,B_y \le 10^3


The output will contain a single line “First“ or “Second“, denoting the thief OC Rahman will have to catch first.


3 0
3 -2
0 0
3 0
3 -3
1 0

Be careful about the ‘\n’ at the end.


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