Painful Giveaway!

Limits 1s, 512 MB

Shahwat is a very good problem solver. He is very famous in his city. In any problem, the mayor asks him to come and solve the problem. The mayor has a daughter and Shahwat has a crush on her. Recently the daughter has created a problem. But she can't solve that as she is not good at problem solving. As expected, the mayor called Shahwat & ordered him to do that task. Now it's a do or die situation for him. If he can't solve it he will be punished and the daughter will never accept him. Fortunately, the problem is very easy to solve. It's nothing to him at all. But the fact is, it's kind of "Kamla Khata" task.
Shahwat is actually very lazy and doesn't want to give any dedication for any girl. So, he has made an alternative plan. As you are junior, he has ordered you to peform this task. The problem is very simple. You will be given N. You have to print numbers between 0 and N (including 0 and N) in ascending order. It's guaranteed that the count of the total printed numbers will never exceed 106.


The input contains an integer N.


You have to print the numbers in a single line as stated above. Print a single space between every two numbers.


0 1 2 3 4 5