Palindrome Query I

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You are given a string of length L. You have Q queries. In each query, you will be asked to either update or delete a character in the string or check whether there is a palindrome in the string from index i to index j (inclusive).


The first line of the input contains a string S. The string contains only English letters. The following line contains an integer Q denoting the number of queries for string S.

Each query can be one of the followings:
U i c (update index i of string S with the character ‘c’)
D i (delete index i of string S)
C i j (check whether the substring within index i and j (inclusive) of S is a palindrome or not)

Here, the first index is considered as 1.

  • 1 ≤ |S|, Q ≤ 105

There is no such query that results in string of length 0. The value of i, j will be less or equal to the length of the string at that point of the query.


For each query C i j, print “Yes!” if the substring within index i and j (inclusive) is palindrome, print “No!” otherwise.


C 5 7
C 4 8
D 8
C 4 8
U 9 l
C 3 9


Original String: helloworld
C 5 7 -> helloworld
C 4 8 -> helloworld
D 8 -> helloworld -> hellowold
C 4 8 -> hellowold
U 9 l -> hellowold -> hellowoll
C 3 9 -> hellowoll


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