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Platform Confusion

Limits: 1s, 1.0 GB

The story begins with the Chittagong Railway Station. I was heading back to my city after participating NCPC 2017. I was at the platform number 9. While waiting for the train I heard there is an announcement for the passengers. The announcement was kind of this –

“I would like to have the attention of passengers who are currently waiting at the platform. The Mohanogor Express is currently at platform no 6. It will leave the Chittagong Station at 8:25 AM sharp. Exactly after 20 minutes, the Paharika Express will leave for Sylhet from platform no 7. The Suborno Express will leave Chittagong Station from platform number 9 at 8:00 AM sharp. Those who did not collect their ticket(s) yet are requested to collect ticket(s). Travelling train without a ticket is a legally punishable crime. Buy the ticket and encourage others. Thank You. ”

Very short announcement!!! Isn’t it ?? :P

Well, your current task is based on this announcement. You need to print the name of trains according to the chronological order of departure time from the Chittagong Station. Here, chronological order means - to arrange something in order of time it happened. For example, If you born in 2010 and your brother born in 2007 then the chronological order will be 2007 and 2010 .


There is no input.


Print 3 lines that contain the names of the train according to the chronological order of departure time.

Sample Input

There is no input 

Sample Output

Mohanogor Express
Paharika Express
Suborno Express

Note: Sample outputs are incorrect. You need to replace those lines with correct order.