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Problem in the Printer

By mdvirus · Limits 1s, 512 MB

Shamim bought a second-hand printer. However, there was a fault in that printer. The printer is printing certain English numbers instead of certain English letters. But if we write those numbers and print it, then the printer prints the letters instead of printing those numbers. The printer prints '6', '9', '1', '0', '5' and '2' respectively instead of the letters 'b', 'g', 'l', 'o', 's' and 'z'. Shamim's school's story writing competition is near. That's why he came to you. He'll continuously tell you a single line of his story. You have to tell what text will give him the exact printout of that line if he prints using that printer.


Shamim will give input as long as he wishes. His story ends with "the end.". So this line does not have to be executed. Except this line, each line of input can have a maximum of 100 valid characters, all letters will be in English lowercase.


Keep in mind the condition of Shamim's second-hand printer and provide the text that you can feed the printer to produce the desired output.


once a bee flied.
then it died.
but its soul is alive.
the end.
0nce a 6ee f1ied.
then it died.
6ut it5 50u1 i5 a1ive.



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