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Sad Story of an Argentian Fan

By as_couple · Limits 1s, 512 MB

The date was 20th June, 2018. I was desperately trying to solve a problem at midnight while Aumit bro was browsing facebook. Suddenly, He started “Lungi Dance”. I was shocked, astonished and in anger. I asked him”What the heck are you doing,dude? ”. He screamed at me saying”I have won a lottery and here is the text. National eye Foundation’s sent me this. Yahoo! I have now a bike(again lungi dance)..”. I read the text ”Dear Aumit, We gladly want to know you that You have won the first prize and its a Yamaha bike. Please, visit Our office in 31st june to take your gift. Sender: National Eye foundation.” The text looked so real that I was in disbelief. Our Bro, Aumit Bro woke very early in the next morning. When I woke up, I saw Hair gel, facewash, cream and hair fall avoidance cream on his table. I laughed and asked him”is this your?”. He positively replied me that he bought those because he needed to be more cool to ride a bike. His time was going so well and he arranged a party at that night. He finished his face wash , hairfall avoidance cream in just 2 days.

23rd June, 2018. I was thinking of upcoming national programming contests at noon. Suddenly I looked at the calendar and witnessed literally one of the most funniest things happened to my recent life. There was no 31st June. I mean June ends in 30, but the text ? I was dying in laugh.Our bro, Aumit bro came from varsity at afternoon. I asked him how he would go their office to collect his gift? I asked him that he should go by uber or a private car. He assured me that something like must be happened in 31st june. I told him to check the day of 31st June. He looked at the calendar but didn’t find the date. Then he checked the month name and asked me either the calendar was this year’s or previous year. When he checked the year, that broke his heart. He lied down in the bed. I chuckled and told him that there was something wrong, you should go to their office. May be there was typing mistake or something others(:P).He lied all the night in the bed and didn’t talk much. I tried to convince him multiple times . But He was totally broke up. His hairs started to fall much quicker than earlier. So, I’ve decided to share you this story so that you could help me to make him understand that He is an Argentina fan, he shouldn’t get hurt by this. I want you all to print a line”vai apni Argentina supporter hoyeo kosto pan ki kore?”(without “” sign). I think this will make him bit happier and helps to understand that he shouldn’t be sad for these shit.

So, please print a line what I expect from you and help him to overcome his sadness. The sample isn’t the correct output. Please read the scenario the get the correct output.


There is no input


Print Just one line what I expect from you to print.


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