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Sheldon Hates Geology

Limits: 1s, 512 MB

Sheldon is a theoretical physicist. He hates geology. He thinks geology isn’t real science. He considers geology as Kardashian of science. He was first introduced to the world of geology in his high school by Libby(A much older student than him and a geologist).

One day Sheldon’s girlfriend Amy told him that geology requires math. But Sheldon didn’t believe her. But Sheldon came up with an idea. He planned to give Libby a geometry problem and if she can solve it then Sheldon may stop hating this subject.

He called Libby and asked whether she is up for this or not. Libby agreed to do this. Then Sheldon mailed Libby a geometry problem.

Libby is now in trouble. She knows she will never solve it. So, she asks for your help. You know that proving Sheldon wrong gives the next level of satisfaction. So you agreed to help Libby. The problem that Sheldon gave Libby is described below.

A Circle is perfectly inscribed inside a Square. The area in the red color is the area of the circle. You will be given the radius of the circle. In the picture, r is the radius of the circle. You have to answer the remaing area of the square colored in blue.

Note: For this problem, consider the value of π (Pi) = 3.1416


The first line is the number of test cases T (1<=T<=500).

Each of the next T lines contains an integer number R, the radius of the circle. (1<=R<=1000).


For each test case, print the remaining area of the Square colored in blue. As the answer can be fractional, print two digits after the decimal point.